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May. 30th, 2006 | 01:18 am
posted by: iamseph in psyfriendnet

Hi, I'm Seph, owner of the Psychotic Friends Network. This community was inspired by the excellent and much-hated game Postal 2 by Running With Scissors.
Yes, I do intend to have a community barbecue some day.
Post screenshots of your favourite moments from the game (or others, one very good game for splatter is Soldier of Fortune 2, although the gameplay itself sucks ass), or whatever, or maybe some pissed off ranting about fucking idiots or useless fuckheads. Whatever, be angry, express your rage, bitch and whine and whatever shit you want. Cut long entries, don't post porn or I'll ban your ass. Offensive content is welcome, if you want to be a bigot you can be here, but don't expect anyone to support your views.

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