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Oct. 29th, 2011 | 12:33 pm
posted by: iamseph in psyfriendnet

YOu should all fucking die. You keep torturing me with your words and I can only wish for escape from you all. I just want to beat your fucking head in or cut your fucking face or slash my fucking wrists or run and get away but you cunts will just want to make more fucking words! THE FUCKING WORDS TORTURE ME! FUCK OFF!
I stay silent, and you get pissy, think I'm fucking rude, think I'm doing it on purpose. I just don't want to talk, the words are so fucking pointless and achieve nothing, I can't even pretend to be interested in the things that are said, there's nothing there, it's all vacuous nonsense. But then you get pissy because I don't talk.
So I try to talk sometimes, to shut you fuckers up, to 'make an effort', to 'be sociable', fucking cunts. Then you talk more, and it gets worse, and worse, and the vicious cycle of words just keeps coming and gets even more inane and futile and you just KEEP TALKING like anyone cares! NO ONE CARES! Why? Because caring is a fucking illusion, up there with your fucking gods and souls and conscience and morality, it's all shite.
If you lived a life and never had these concepts pressed upon you, you'd think them utterly ludicrous if someone tried to explain to you. But they get you while you're young, tell you things before you have the clarity of thought to question concisely and understand clearly. Then the concepts are in your head, peeling apart your brain, jamming themselves in there, and you get confused, start to hope maybe, think there might be substance to the nonsense concepts because you think if everyone else believes there must be something to it, right?
WRONG they're all fucking idiots, and you're an idiot too for thinking like that. Make up your own damned mind, look at the facts, and have the fucking balls to make a decision on life on your own without delusions of hope or bitching twats telling you waht to think.
Nothing I say is right, you always manage to take offence, because you're all a bunch of fucking whining sissies. You imagine offence ebcause you're so insecure and it gives you an excuse to be a cunt. I either talk and get fucked, or I shut up and get fucked.
The only peace I will ever have is if everyone dies.

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Labrat Whorium

Aug. 24th, 2008 | 05:16 am
posted by: iamseph in psyfriendnet

I came across this Norwegian (???) band when late-night insomnia stopped my brainmeats from making nice noises and out of desperation I googled for "entertain me you fuckers".
They are nice.
They have three tracks:
Dressed In You
Entertain Me
Human For Dinner

Anyone want to guess why I was drawn in?

They're funny.

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(no subject)

May. 30th, 2006 | 01:18 am
posted by: iamseph in psyfriendnet

Hi, I'm Seph, owner of the Psychotic Friends Network. This community was inspired by the excellent and much-hated game Postal 2 by Running With Scissors.
Yes, I do intend to have a community barbecue some day.
Post screenshots of your favourite moments from the game (or others, one very good game for splatter is Soldier of Fortune 2, although the gameplay itself sucks ass), or whatever, or maybe some pissed off ranting about fucking idiots or useless fuckheads. Whatever, be angry, express your rage, bitch and whine and whatever shit you want. Cut long entries, don't post porn or I'll ban your ass. Offensive content is welcome, if you want to be a bigot you can be here, but don't expect anyone to support your views.

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